Dawasamu, Fiji

Volunteer in Dawasamu

Find adventure – and purpose – among the tropical jungles and coral reefs of Fiji.

Located in Silana, a bustling fishing village, our Dawasamu base offers plenty of opportunities to explore, swim, snorkel and hike. But more importantly, it allows you to make a meaningful contribution to the sustainable development and upliftment of the Dawasamu community.



Build a better world by contributing to vital, locally-led project work that strives for a more just and equitable future.


In line with the UN’s SDGs, we are committed to ethical and sustainable engagement with our local partners and communities.


Learn from the world’s most unique and significant cultures, in breathtaking remote locations.

Dawasamu volunteer projects


The people of Dawasamu depend on both the land and sea for subsistence. Their lives are inextricably linked to the environment and their natural resources. The village way of life that has existed for generations is still present and villages are still headed by chiefs and run by village headmen. This is a great opportunity to get to know the tribal culture and to slow down and surround yourself with the sites and history of the district.

One of the most important aspects of our community development work is education. Quality education is also a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal, which aims to ensure inclusive and quality education for all and to promote lifelong learning. Through education, people are empowered and given the ability to shape their lives and the lives of others.

Recently the Global Youth Travel Award for Outstanding Volunteer Project in 2019 was won by the GVI Dawusamu health program. The award recognises exceptional volunteer projects with a focus on sustainability, responsibility and best practices. In close partnership with the district nurse and the ministry of health, the program successfully contributes to positive health outcomes in the community.

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