Short Term Teaching Internship in Fiji

Gain practical teaching experience while coordinating educational activities in Fiji.

Durations:  4 - 12 weeks

Program information

During this internship, participants will assist by delivering Learning Through Play sessions with local children in rural communities, and contributing to the growth of knowledge about the benefits of early childhood development. Interns will gain relevant practical experience, ultimately also providing a platform to kickstart their career. Participants will be contributing towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4, Quality Education as they assist in creating early childhood development training modules and encourage the building of skills such as physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills.

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Program overview

Interns will be based in the Dawasamu District, whose traditional villages, dense jungle, mountains, and beautiful coastline of the area make for a truly amazing environment in which to live and work. Depending on the requirements at the time, you will work in local rural communities delivering sessions focused on early childhood development, and will also get the opportunity to work towards a qualification in leadership, while taking part in this program.

From Monday to Friday you will spend your mornings in the community, teaching and organising educational activities for children. Breakfast is nice and early, in order to provide enough time for you to effectively plan your Learning Through Play sessions or travel to a nearby village to deliver activities with children and caregivers. In addition to planning and delivering Learning Through Play and early childhood development modules, participants will also get the opportunity to facilitate short courses to local caregivers and community health workers, communicating the importance of early childhood development and how children can be supported in their development at home.


  • Learning more about TEFL techniques and lesson planning.
  • Facilitating structured Learning Through Play sessions.
  • Delivering early childhood development training modules to caregivers and community health workers. 
  • Exploring the expansive beaches and turquoise waters of this region in your free time.

Program details

Program type
GVI Australasia, Fiji, Dawasamu
Volunteer with Children