Volunteer Teaching in South Africa

Gain practical experience while teaching one-to-one literacy and numeracy classes to children from the local South African community.

Durations:  1 - 12 weeks

Program information

Teach primary school children from under-resourced local township schools while participating on this program. You will be providing assistance via dedicated one-on-one sessions, assessing student abilities and boosting confidence levels in order for them to develop their potential and ability to further their education.

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Program overview

This project involves teaching primary school children using dedicated one-on-one sessions to help improve local teaching standards in the area. The aim is to give students individualised attention, especially to those who may be experiencing more difficulty in grasping concepts than their peers. This often happens due to language barriers within the schools and you will assist in tackling this by providing direct attention where it simply isn’t possible for a teacher to run the class and do so as well.

The children assigned to the program have been selected by their teachers as candidates requiring extra tuition support. The sessions aim to improve literacy, numeracy, English language skills and confidence levels. The students enjoy reading stories and playing educational games during their sessions. They will also have the opportunity to ask any questions they may have and get some individual attention which they are not getting in their classroom.

Your day will involve teaching individual students in a one on one tutoring lesson and reading to them to help improve their listening and comprehension skills. You may also get involved in teaching sports, running art projects and assisting with basic childcare for younger children. After school, you will have ample time to prepare your lessons for the next day.

*Please Note: During holiday periods, all participants will join Cape Town’s school holiday program. During the school holiday period, all of GVI’s projects come together to work on at a local library to provide a safe and educational space for children of all ages. Activities here possibly include a wide range, from tutoring, reading and arts & crafts, as well as sports and wellbeing. When possible to do so, the team also runs soup kitchens on the ground in the community.


  • Teach one-to-one to students in the fields of literacy, sports and more
  • Get hands on experience working in the local community
  • Experience language immersion as you are exposed to a sample of South Africa’s 11 official languages
  • Visit the famous ‘mother city’, home to table mountain and the African penguin
  • Become a global citizen: meet other participants with an interest in conservation.

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GVI Africa, South Africa, Cape Town
Volunteer with Children

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